The Idea

Based on Frans Mesareel’s famed woodcuts, this animated film classic was the first trick film with a radical film: a revolutionary idea (in the shape of a nude woman) is conceived by the artist, condemned by the world, the rich, and the church, but lives on, forever stirring men to revolt. —Amos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art

The text at the beginning reads:

“Men live and die for an idea,
But the idea is immortal.
You can persecute it, judge it, forbid it, condemn it to death,
But the idea continues to live in the minds of men….
He whom it penetrates no longer feels isolated,
For above all the idea remains…..”

 Berthold_Bartosch_(1932)_The_Idea_still Idea 1 Masereel Idea 2

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