Graffiti and Get Away With It: The Attache Case


After American rock band OK GO found fame thanks to its widely-watched music videos featuring Rube Goldberg machines, the man behind the inventive videos is also starting to receive some of the limelight, as well. Bob Partington, who co-directed the video for “The Writing’s On The Wall” has gotten his own reality television show called “Thingamabob”, in which he designs and assembles contraptions with practical applications.

But Partington’s greatest invention may be a briefcase he turned into a covert graffiti-stencil-sprayer. Partington ingeniously removed the case’s bottom and packed its interior with gears and motors that cause a replaceable can of spray paint to pass twice over a pre-prepared stencil. The result is that whoever carries the case can place it on the ground, wait for a few seconds while the machine makes its mark, and then pick it up and walk away, without anyone even noticing.

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