NSFW: Trying Out Every Sex Toy (So You Don’t Have To)

Many of the planet’s top scientific minds are focused on figuring out how to conquer debilitating diseases; some are dedicated to making mobile telephones smaller, television screens bigger, airplanes go faster and spaceships go further. Others, thankfully, are not wasting their time trying to endlessly extend our lives or helping us escape it, but rather on actually improving it. These noble souls have devoted themselves to inventing gadgets that sexually stimulate us.

In recent years, sex toy companies have expanded their product lines to such an extent that it is actually a challenge to keep up with what they have on offer. Thankfully, one talented artist has sought to make some sense of it all, authoring thoughtful reviews of the various dildos, vibrators, nipple-clamps and butt-plugs available. Since April 2013, cartoonist Erika Moen has been trying out the toys for size and drawing her conclusions in comic form, calling her strip “Oh Joy Sex Toy”.

Moen’s illustrations of the pros and cons of various devices aren’t only funny and informative – they’re politically on point. The cartoon characters she draws to demonstrate sex acts span the gamut of body types and gender orientations, so you’re guaranteed to see yourself and your partner or partners in those images, no matter what you look like.

For the kinky readers out there with penis-parts, don’t despair: Moen has her husband Matthew try out the toys made for boys and write his own reviews, which she then transforms into images, adding witty dialogue.

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