Know Hope: Rigid Tenderness


Declaring, “I hope to move heavy hearts at least one inch to the side by confessing that I’m petrified [of] and secretly in love with the world,” Know Hope has been bringing his heartfelt images of human struggle and promise to urban streets and gallery spaces since 2004. His narrative street art, murals, assemblages, and site-specific installations are based on observations of himself and his surroundings. Hope lives in Tel Aviv and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with its associated issues of identity, borders, and shared humanity, informs his work—though he insists that he is not a political artist. Composed of detritus and building materials, including wood, bricks, and weathered paper, Know Hope’s compositions are populated by a lanky everyman who wears his heart on his sleeve and stands for the precarious and precious connections between fellow human beings. (original text from artsy)


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