Cat that saved 4-year old from dog attack: I’d have eaten the toddler myself if he was any smaller

A house cat that recently earned global notoriety after saving a four-year-old child from a dog attack admitted in her first interview since the incident that she would have eagerly attacked and eaten the child herself, if he had only been small enough for her to get her jaws around.

“I did it because, as much as I hate kids, I hate dogs even more”, carnivorous house cat Tarra told The Daily Mash“I have no idea what the human-child’s name is. A ‘name’, as you so whimsically call it, is merely an utterance that signals the availability of food.”

Tarra became a social media star overnight after a security camera video, which documented her launch to aid her owner’s young son as was he attacked by a dog, received tens of millions of views on the popular video-sharing site YouTube.

“I don’t recognise the concepts of ownership, friendship or family. I simply go where the protein is.” said Tarra. “I would have eaten the human-cub if it was small enough to fit into my mouth.”


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