Brazilian Street Artist Creates World Cup’s 1st Viral Image


With the world’s attention turning to Brazil for football’s World Cup, up to 250,000 unsightly poor people have been driven out of their favelas, or slums, to make way for slick stadiums. Thousands of people have been evicted, often violently, from squatters’ encampments, while strikes, protests and criminal activity have become rampant. Thousands who are unable to find housing or afford skyrocketing rents have set up additional encampments in protest. Meanwhile, the Brazilian government has spent close to $14 billion in order to, in the words of some, “have a lovely World Cup and for the city to look nice, yet we still see children sleeping in the street.” These glaring economic disparities have contributed to the viral success enjoyed by an image created by street artist Paulo Ito, painted on the doors of a schoolhouse in São Paulo.

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