To Their Lies, We Respond With Pies

“All it takes to become a member of the Biotic Baking Brigade is a pie and a vision of a better world.”

On 9 October 1998, an agent of the Biotic Baking Brigade (code name: Apple) threw a coconut cream pie in the face of Free Market’s knight in shining armor Milton Friedman at a conference in San Francisco, joining a long tradition of propelling cream pastries into the faces of the privileged and  the opulent.

Over the years and under the banner of “to their lies, we respond with pies”, global pie resistance fighters have managed to throw pies at many of the world’s rich and powerful, such as the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, Enron CEO Jeffery Skilling, the philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy, film director Jean-Luc Godard, journalist Tom Friedman, the director general of the World Trade Organization Renato Ruggiero, artist Andy Warhol and Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien (a full list can be found here).

The documentary “The Pie’s the Limit” tells their story. If you can’t wait to see Milton Friedman getting hit by a pie in the face, skip to 5:30 minutes.

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