What In Blazes Is A Jewish State?

The worst crime, the most treacherous act ever committed by the state of Israel against the Jewish people, took place in 1948 when they dared to call themselves the ‘State of Israel’. When they dared to crown themselves as ‘a Jewish state’.

Did you know: a week after the incident aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish Jews were afraid to come out of their homes? They did not even go to the synagogue, because the Turks blamed them for the incident and considered them responsible for the actions of Israel.

That is the most treacherous crime committed by this country against our people. They believed, in their brilliance, that in order to protect the Jewish nation we must change the Jewish nationality and transform it from it a religious affiliation into a nation of soldiers and fighters.

What in blazes is a Jewish state? I know what a Jewish person is, I know what the Jewish philosophy is, but the adjective “Jewish” can not be attached to the noun “state” . That is like saying a “Jewish tree” or a “Jewish car.” What does it mean? The only way in which the Zionists were able to establish a Jewish state – the noun “state” which is attached to the adjective “Jewish” – would be to change the meaning of the word “Jew.”

This is the greatest crime committed by the Zionists against the Jews: identity theft. We Jews are blamed by the world and are seen as responsible for Israel’s actions . We tell the world: Zionism is not Judaism. We must tell the world that Israel does not represent us. It can not speak for us . We must tell the world that the credit card Israel uses to do what it does is a credit card it stole from us. We do not want credit for its actions, and we do not want to take responsibility for its actions.

To Mr. Netanyahu, I want to say: We will fight you and we will win. Do you know why? Because we are not alone in the struggle. We have a generations of Jews on our side, on our side stand six million martyrs of the Holocaust , and on our side is Allmighty god who has kept us for two thousand years. And one of those reasons was that we were not Zionists.

Part of a speech from a demonstration by several thousand Jews in front of the White House in Washington D.C. in March 2012, protesting against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S. capital.

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